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Club Safety Rules

  1. "CEASE FIRE!" is signaled by one long blast on a whistle. Shooters will immediately lower their weapons to the ground, and discharge their weapons into the ground at a safe distance (multi-shot magazines must be removed). No weapons will be pointed down the range, nor targets ranged whilst a cease fire is in operation. "Resume firing" will be signaled by two short blasts on a whistle. Shooters can resume shooting once they have checked, and are sure that it is safe to do so.

  2. NEVER LEAVE A GUN LOADED OR UNATTENDED Remember your air gun is considered 'loaded' if there is any form of projectile in the breech, regardless of whether or not the gun is cocked. Also an air gun which has a loaded magazine, is 'loaded' even if there is no round in the breach.

  3. Guns may only be fired from the designated shooting positions, and on the appropriate command from the Range Official.

  4. Members must not cross the firing line unless there is a cease fire, and only then with the express permission of a range official.

  5. Compressed air cylinders / CO2 Capsules must be stored securely at all times.

  6. Compressed air cylinders / CO2 Capsules – The refilling/charging of these type of guns, must take place away from any shooting positions.

  7. When moving around the site with your gun, please ensure the muzzle is always pointed down (the use of a sling is permitted provided it is kept on the shoulder until at the firing position).

  8. Weapons can only be raised when pointed down the range, at the designated shooting positions. The muzzle must be pointed down at all other times.

  9. Telescopic scopes must be ranged at the designated shooting positions only.

  10. All members must take care when in the wood. Any tree which appears unsafe. must be reported to a range official immediately.

  11. The consumption of food or drink is not permitted at any of the designated shooting positions.

  12. When using mobile phones members should retreat from their shooting position, not only for their own safety, but for the safety and comfort of their fellow members.

Club Rules

  1. All air guns used on the Club ground shall conform to the legal requirements in force at the time. (Currently a maximum of 12 ft. lbs. for rifles and 6 ft. lbs. for pistols – air/compressed air or CO2).

  2. Officials of the club will randomly test member’s guns each shooting day. If any weapon is found to be illegal, you will be asked to remove it from the club grounds immediately.

  3. No air guns that require a Firearms Certificate shall be used on the Club grounds, either by members or their guests.

  4. Members will be issued with a membership badge, which should be worn in a prominent position at all times. Your badge shows that you have authority to be on the club grounds. A cease fire should be called immediately if any person is found on the grounds without a badge. Remember a public footpath runs along the edge of the club ground, occasionally members of the public have been known to stray from the footpath.

  5. All members shall make themselves aware of the laws relating to the safe use and responsibilities of ownership of air guns and the penalties for there misuse. When shooting, those under 14 years old must be supervised at all times by an adult of 21 years or older.

  6. Members inviting guests to participate in club activities shall be held responsible for their conduct and behavior and must ensure that they are made aware of, and conform to, the Club rules and Safety rules.

  7. No member shall touch another member’s gun(s), equipment or possessions without first obtaining the owner’s permission.

  8. No animals, birds or vermin shall be deliberately shot on the Club grounds by members or visitors.

  9. No member shall use the Club ground at any time, other than normal advertised club shoots.

  10. All members of the Club shall have cover for shooting via the Club’s Insurance.

  11. Members are advised to cover their guns and equipment via their own House Contents insurance. Rochford AC does not accept any responsibility or liability for the loss of, or damage to, a member’s equipment or possessions, no matter how caused.

  12. Only lead pellets (or alloys primarily of lead) shall be used on the club’s ground. The use of dart or dart type pellets is strictly forbidden.

  13. The use of range finding equipment is not allowed on the target trail.

  14. Any member breaking the Club rules or Safety Code risks expulsion. If a member is expelled, no refund of their fees will be made (subject to clause 8.15 of the clubs bylaws).

  15. If a member is convicted of an offence involving air gun misuse they will be automatically expelled. If a member is expelled, no refund of their fees will be made (subject to clause 8.15 of the clubs bylaws).

  16. Membership of the club is open to anyone, provided that they are legally permitted to possess, use or own an air gun and that they agree to accept and conform to the Club rules and Safety Code, pay such fees as are required, and are within the age ranges specified by the Club and its Insurers.

  17. Members must not leave any personal items or litter on the club grounds. Please put any rubbish in the containers provided, or take your rubbish home with you. This includes empty CO2 capsules.

  18. All members must respect the wood, and maintain the natural habitat. Members must not deliberately damage any tree’s or the undergrowth.

  19. All members (and visitors) must sign in on arrival. You must register before shooting on the range or trial.

  20. Occasionally photographs are taken of club members, on the club grounds. These photographs may be used to promote the club, either on the club website or in any other publication where Rochford AC would benefit. Wherever possible you will be told that the photograph is being taken. If you have any objection to your photograph being taken, you must object IMMEDIATELY.

  21. All trophy's awarded at the end of the shooting season (September) remain the property of Rochford AC. These should be returned to Rochford AC after a period of one year.